Congratulations to the Many ECE Student Award Winners

2011 Provost’s MQP Competition Award winners announced, ECE students, Karen Anundson ’11 and Christopher Kevorkian ’11 awarded The Salisbury Prize in Electrical & Computer Engineering, ECE student, Mark Hayden ’12, awarded Honorable Mention for the 2011 1879 Prize, and Prof. Bitar announces the 2011 Robert H. Award Winners.

ECE Provost's MQP Competition

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering held its annual Provost’s MQP Competition on April 22, 2011, following Project Presentation Day. The Competition included six finalist projects from nine submissions. The Competition is based on the strength of both the project teams’ oral presentations and written reports.

The Major Qualifying Project (MQP) is a high-level design or research project in the student's major field. Through the MQP every WPI student has the chance to experience the kind of real-world problem solving that will soon characterize their professional careers. The MQP involves problems typical of those found in the student's professional discipline and often addresses economical, ethical, and safety issues.

The 2011 ECE Provost Competition Winners are:
First Place
Design of an Autonomous Quadrotor UAV for Urban Search and Rescue
Robert D'Angelo, Robinson Levin
Advisors: David Cyganski, James Duckworth

Second Place
"BioCard" Autonomous Biomedical Sensor
Daniel Moyer, Tuan Vu
Advisor: John McNeill

Third Place
Holographic Optical Beam-Steering (HOBS)
Gabriel Ayers, Michael Ciampa, Nicholas Vranos
Advisor: Edward Clancy
Sponsor: MIT Lincoln Laboratories

Honorable Mention
Building a High-Performance Cluster through Computer Reuse
Christopher Clark
Advisor: Xinming Huang

Novel EOD Robot Design with a Dexterous Gripper and Intuitive Teleoperation
Matthew Carey, Eric Kurz, Joshua Matte, Timothy Perrault
Advisor: Taskin Padir

A Green Approach to a Multi-Protocol Wireless Communications Network
Travis Collins, Patrick DeSantis, David Vecchiarelli
Advisor: Alexander Wyglinski 
Sponsor: University of Limerick

Karen Anundson ’11 and Christopher Kevorkian ’11 have been awarded the 2011 Salisbury Prize in Electrical and Computer Engineering. These historic awards are given to the most meritorious seniors at the university. The Salisbury Prize was established in 1871 by Stephen Salisbury II, a WPI founder and president of the Board of Trustees. Each academic department may nominate students who have completed all of their requirements "faithfully, industriously, and with distinguished attainment" for the Salisbury Prize.

Mark Hayden ECE ’12 was awarded Honorable Mention for the 2011 1879 Prize Competition. Mark’s entry, Transmarginal Inhibition in Gravity’s Rainbow, was advised by Prof. Schachterle HA. The Class of 1879 Prize is awarded by the Humanities and Arts Department each year to three students for excellent work in the culminating project for the Humanities and Arts Requirement. These projects must demonstrate exceptional creativity and skill in conceiving, developing and expressing a theme within any discipline in the humanities and arts.

Professor Stephen Bitar has announced the 2011 Robert H. Grant award winners. Student in ECE are required to take ECE 2799, Electrical and Computer Engineering Design, to fulfill their degree requirements. Students in Professor Bitar’s class present their projects at the end of the term. Generous contributions from CEI and help from the many judges make the competition one not to be missed. This year’s award winners are:
First Prize - $500 (each student)
SOS Distress Beacon
Cody McCormick, Kaung Myat Win, Jeffrey Wyman

Second Prize (each student)
Bicycle LEDs
Richard Dennen, Naveed Naeem, Janine Pizzimenti

Third Prize (each student)
Crutch Safety
Phuoc Luong, Richard Speranza, Alexander Tran

Honorable Mentions
UV Sanitizer
Ajay Dhesikan, Rohit Mundra, Nathan Olivarez
Elevator Lighting
Michael Flaherty, Joseph Funk, Jessica Pham
Dock/Buoy Lighting System
Thomas Hunter, Maria Rangel, Kari Rehkugler
Solar-Safe, Solar Powered Marine Safety Device
Andrew Dawson, Benjamin Morrison, Bryan Myers


2011 ECE Provost's MQP Competition FIrst Place WInners
Michael Ciampa '11 and Nicholas Vranos '11
Travis Collins, Harold S. Black '21 Award Recipient
Project Presentation Day

May 9, 2011

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