SDR Laboratory Guides Now Available

Simulink/SDR Laboratory Guides Now Available Online!

A multi-year collaborative effort between The Mathworks (Natick, MA; http://www.mathworks.com/) and Professor Alexander Wyglinski along with his Wireless Innovation Laboratory (http://www.wireless.wpi.edu/) has resulted in the creation of a series of laboratory guides designed to provide both students and industry practitioners with a “hands-on” digital communications experience using software-defined radio (SDR). Based on the Universal Software Radio Peripheral – Version 2 (USRP2) SDR platform by Ettus Research LLC and the Simulink software package by The Mathworks, these laboratory guides will enable individuals to create wireless data transmission systems that are capable of sending information over the air. These laboratory guides, along with the associated source code, can be downloaded from the following webpage: http://www.sdr.wpi.edu/.

December 5, 2011

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