6th Annual IEEE Spark Party was a Huge Success!

The IEEE Annual Spark Party recognizes the PES Scholarship Award Winners!

The IEEE 6th Annual Spark Party was a magical night, creating fun filled memories for all!

The 6th annual IEEE Spark Party took place on November 10, 2011 in AK116. The Spark party was made possible by the generous donation from Phoenix Electric Corporation Vice President, Stephen Simo, who presented WPI with a check for $2,000.00. This donation enabled the large crowd that attended to enjoy a buffet dinner, educational demonstrations as well as musical entertainment by students and faculty.

Oliver Rich, the president of ECE's IEEE Student Chapter, gave the SPARK party welcome and then introduced Merrielle Ondreicka and Nathaniel Verlee, who sang a beautiful version of the National Anthem as well as WPI’s Alma Mater.

The evening was filled with entertainment from both WPI students and ECE faculty. ECE Professors O’Rourke, Bitar and Cyganski all gave informative presentations from Sparky Junior to MacGyver Meets AM Radio to a demonstration of OLEP Technology.

Professor John McNeill was a crowd pleaser with his fantastic rap song, “ECE Stress Circuit”. While singing, dancing and jumping around the room, Professor McNeill was still somehow able to write on the blackboard and teach. Click on this link to see his live performance!

In addition to the night's festivities, Professor Alex Emanuel presented five WPI students with the PES Scholarship Award, while the audience congratulated them with a great round of applause. The PES Scholarship Plus Initiative recognizes undergraduate students who have declared a major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. These students are considered high achievers with strong GPAs.

The following WPI students were selected:

Adrian Delphia, Anthony Cangello, Matthew Coughlin, Mohammad Ghani and Jordyn Rombola. Congratulations to these five students for this amazing achievement! (read more about the PES Scholarsip)

The ECE Department would like to thank all the students who contributed to the SPARK party entertainment including performances by: Katie and the Kings, the Ferrofluid Demonstration, Umair Khan on guitar and vocals, Robo-ops: Team Oryx, the Grad Students Band, Neuron Robotics, and the beautiful Chinese songs "Tomorrow Would Be Better" and "You'll See" performed by several of our ECE students.

The evening came to a close with the giant Tesla Coils sparking in the dark of the classroom, illuminating the famous "SPARK" which represents the evenings' theme.

A very special thank you to all involved who made this evening such a memorable event!

December 12, 2011

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