Professor Hakim is Recognized in the News for Trading and Dancing

Talented ECE Professor Makes the News!

ECE Professor Wins Trade Competition and Dances for Charity

Our ECE Associate Department head, Professor Hossein Hakim appears to be making the news quite a bit lately. Professor Hakim has been teaching in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at WPI for 28 years, but he also shares interests in trading and professional dancing.  

Professor Hakim participated in a foreign currency trading competition organized by “iFuntrader.com”,   which started on November 6th and ended December 2nd. Each participant was given a $10,000 simulated account with a leverage of 100:1 which implied that the account had a maximum purchasing power of $1,000,000. Three hundred forex traders from all over the world participated in this competition, and the award for the first place was $10,000 cash. We are glad to report that Professor Hakim was the winner of this competition with a little bit more than 830% return for the four-week of the competition. Professor Hakim was able to generate a net profit of $83,109 which turned the initial $10,000 capital into $93,109 in four weeks. Professor Hakim was invited to give a talk to the yourtradingroom.com, an educational firm focused on currency trading with several thousand members. Congratulations Professor Hakim!  

In addition to trading, Professor Hakim has been made media attention with interest in professional dancing. Recently there was an article in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, “Transformative Power of the Tango at WPI” as well as the latest article in The Institute, IEEE magazine called “Ambassador of Tango”. Professor Hakim initially started instructing tango classes at WPI on the weekends with students and now enjoys teaching a professional tango class for credit at WPI. Professor Hakim’s passion for dance has also allowed him to raise money for charity. Professor Hakim has organized fundraising dance events like the Valentine tango, ballroom, swing and salsa night to benefit Abby’s Empowerment Fund, which helps homeless women and children.

March 12, 2012

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