Grad 2012 Event Prize Winners!

GRAD Poster Winners!

Velin Dimitrov Places 3rd in Grad 2012 Event

March 28th was the GRAD 2012 event in which 215 posters were presented, illustrating the hard work and research from the WPI participants. Professor Taskin Padir's Robotics graduate student Velin Dimitrov poster "Human-in-the-Loop Control of a Wheelchair Mounted Robot Arm", was presented with a 3rd place win!  

Velin's research focuses on the design, implementation and control of a wheelchair mounted compliant robot arm that can be operated by a functionally locked-in individual who may have full cognitive capabilities yet are unable to execute motor actions to generate movement or speech at various levels. The control system receives high-level commands from the user through Body/Brain Computer Interface (BBCI) technologies and operates semi-autonomously under uncertain aim. Since a wheelchair mounted arm is in close proximity to the user, the system must be compliant, but there are situations where a controllable level of compliance would be useful to achieve a given task. Our design approach enables us to investigate new actuator and drivetrain combinations including smart-fluid based torque converters at each joint of the robot arm to realize this variable compliance requirement. Moreover, the software implementation uses a design automation framework to develop a new-class of real-time algorithms for robot control.

Congratulations to all of the participants and their advisors for their hard work.

April 3, 2012

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