Past MQP Winners

2013 MQP Competition Winners

First Place

Electromagnetic Side-Channel Analysis on Intel Atom Processor
Anh Do, Soe Thet Ko, Aung Thu Htet
Advisor: Thomas Eisenbarth, Berk Sunar

Second Place

Robot Localization for FIRST Robotics
Scott Burger, Adam Moriarty, Samuel Patterson, Daniel Riches
Advisors: David Cyganski, James Duckworth

Third Place

Wi-Fi Denial of Service Attacks on Wired Analog RF Channel Emulator
Sheila Werth, Jeffrey Wyman
Advisor: Alexander Wyglinski
Sponsor: MIT Lincoln Lab

Honorable Mention

Line and Load Regulation for Piezoelectric Power Conversion in MRI Environment Nicholas Richard Speranza
Advisors: Paul Bailey (Philips), Stephen Bitar
Sponsor: Philips Healthcare

The Design and Implementation of a Network of Sensors and Controls for use in Controlled Environment Agriculture
William Caproni, Erik Dahlinghaus
Advisors: Stephen Bitar, Taskin Padir

Control Plane for Embedded Digital Signal Processing An Application of Networks-on-Chips for VLSI
Richard Dennen
Advisor: Xinming Huang

Securing Embedded Systems for Autonomous Aerial Vehicles
Phuoc Luong, Roni Rostom, Evan Ziavras
Advisors: Alexander Wyglinski, Thomas Eisenbarth

2012 MQP Competition Winners

First Place

Compact COMMNAV Antenna for Handset Application
Jeffrey Elloian
Advisors: Reinhold Ludwig, Sergey Makarov

Second Place

Software Defined Radar
Shahil Kantesaria, Nathan Olivarez
Advisor: Edward Clancy
Sponsor: MIT Lincoln Lab

Third Place

A 8x1 Wideband Antenna Array
Brennan Ashton, Branislav Jovanovic, Tayyar Rzayev
Advisor: Alexander Emanuel, Sergey Makarov

Honorable Mention

Rooftop Solar Panel MQP or Hall Effect Sensor Monitoring of Alternative Engery Sources
Anthony Ducimo, Kurt Snieckus, Nathaniel Verlee
Advisor: John McNeill
Sponsor: NECAMSID (Allegro Microsystems, Analog Devices)

Home Energy Automation Technology
Michael Audi, Scott Cloutier, John Manero
Advisor: William Michalson

Firefighter Indoor Navigation using Distributed SLAM
Nicholas Long, Matthew Zubiel
Advisor: James Duckworth, David Cyganski


2011 MQP Competition Winners

First Place

Design of an Autonomous Quadrotor UAV for Urban Search and Rescue

Robert D'Angelo, Robinson Levin
Advisors: David Cyganski, James Duckworth

Second Place

Solar-Powered Handheld Bioinstrumentation

Daniel Moyer, Tuan Vu
Advisor: John McNeill

Third Place

Holographic Optical Beam Steering Demonstration

Gabriel Ayers, Michael Ciampa, Nicholas Vranos
Advisor: Edward Clancy
Sponsor: MIT Lincoln Laboratories

Honorable Mention

Building a High Performance Cluster through Computer Reuse

Christopher Clark
Advisor: Xinming Huang

Novel EOD Robot Design with a Dexterous Gripper and Intuitive Teleoperation

Matthew Carey, Eric Kurz, Joshua Matte, Timothy Perrault
Advisor: Taskin Padir

A Green Approach to a Multi-Protocol Wireless Communications Network

Travis Collins, Patrick DeSantis, David Vecchiarelli
Advisor: Alexander Wyglinski
Sponsor: University of Limerick

2010 MQP Competition Winners

First Place (Tie)

Hybrid Indoor Geolocation for Robotics Applications
Ramsey, Abouzahra, Cengiz Karakoyunlu, Yuan Shi, Billy Zhong
Advisor: Kaveh Pahlavan

Surface Electromyogram Simulator for Myoelectric Prosthesis Testing
Stephen Jung, John Meklenburg, Sean Patrick
Advisor: Edward Clancy
Sponsor: Liberating Technologies

Second Place

Wireless Digital Voltmeter
Omar Kiyani, Mairaj Malik
Advisor: John McNeill

Third Place

Indoor Navigation System for Handheld Devices
Manh-Hung Le, Dimitris Saragas, Nathan Webb
Advisor: Alexander Wyglinski
Sponsor: University of Limerick Wireless Access Centre

Honorable Mention

General Purpose GPS Navigation Module
Nicholas Granata-Cappabianca
Advisor: Fred Looft

Electrostatic Discharge and Electromagnetic Interference Design and Testing of Power Plant Safety Control Cabinet
Jola Myrta
Advisor: Peder Pedersen
Sponsor: Westinghouse Electric

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