Physiology & Biomedical Engineering

Laboratory for Sensory and Physiologic Signal Processing

Faculty:  Ted Clancy

Recent and ongoing work includes:

  • Applied signal processing and stochastic estimation to improve methods for estimating the amplitude of electromyographic signals
  • Analysis of muscle patterns during walking for gait re-training of patients with stroke and traumatic brain injury
  • Decomposition of surface electromyographic signals
  • Relating the surface electromyogram to mechanical torque and impedance about the elbow

Signal Processing and Information Networking Laboratory

Faculty:  Rick Brown

Recent and ongoing work includes:

  • Evaluation and extension of models of speech intelligibility in noise
  • Improvements in coding and enhancement of speech and audio signals

RF-Electronics and Medical Imaging/Analyses Laboratory

Faculty:  Reinhold Ludwig

Recent and ongoing work includes:

  • Development of special purpose coils for functional magnetic imaging in high-field scanners of 4.7-9.4 Tesla field strength based on 3-D numerical modeling

Ultrasound Research Laboratory

Faculty:  Peder Pedersen

Recent and ongoing work includes:

  • Development of improved inverse methods for ultrasound
  • Development of an improved ultrasound method for identifying atherosclerotic plaque types


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