2012 Precision Indoor Personnel Location & Tracking Workshop Presentations

Monday, August 6th, 2012

8:15       WPI Welcome  – Dr. Eric Overstrom, Provost and Senior Vice President, WPI

8:20      Workshop Welcome – Jalal Mapar, Program Manager, DHS S&T Directorate

8:30      Technology for Safety and Survival   

             Ernest (Ernie) Mitchell Jr., United States Fire Administrator

9:00     Military and Training Systems

            Moderator: Jalal Mapar, Program Manager, DHS S&T Directorate

              GLANSER: Phase - 2 Status                

              Wes Hawkinson, Fellow, Honeywell

              Gene McLeod, Program Manager, Argon ST

              William English, Program Manager, TRX Systems

9:45       PHASER – Physiological Health Assessment                

               Christopher Cooper, Professor Medicine & Physiology, UCLA School of Medicine

               Maxim Batalin, Associate Director, UCLA Engineering Institute for Technology Advancement

               Bruce Varner, Fire Chief [Ret.], NFPA Committee Chair, UCLA PHASER Project

10:30     Military and Training Systems  

              Moderator: David Taylor, Director of Technology Development, ENSCO, Inc.

               Next Generation Personal Navigator: An Enhanced Prototype Personal Inertial Navigation System                

                Yunqian Ma, Principal Research Scientist, Honeywell Aerospace

                US ARMY CERDEC Dismounted Soldier Navigation - Update                

                Paul Olsen, Systems Engineer, CERDEC/Command, Power and Integration

                TRX Navigation Technology and “NEON” Personnel Tracking System Introduction                

                Carole Teolis, CTO / Carole Politi, CEO, TRX Systems

                Urban Mapping and Positioning System                 

                Alberto Lacaze, President/Engineer, Robotic Research LLC

12:35      Keynote Speaker:  

               Paul Benda, Chief of Staff and Director of Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA)

                “DHS S&T’s Technological Investment in Support of the HSE”

1:30       Inertial and Related Technology 

              Moderator: Eric Foxlin, Dir. Advanced Programs, Gentex Visionix  (formerly InterSense)

               WPI Department of Fire Protection Engineering Supporting the Fire Service                

                Kathy Notarianni, Head, Department of Fire Protection Engineering, WPI

                Experimental Results from an Inertial Aided RF Fusion Location System

                David Cyganski, Professor, ECE Department, WPI

                Personal Dead-reckoning (PDR) System for Firefighters                

                Johann Borenstein, Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan

                Mobile Mapping in GPS Denied Environments                

                Elliot Duff, Director / ICTC, CSIRO

                Personal Navigation System based on Dual ShoeMounted IMUs and Intershoe Ranging                

                Tamal Mukherjee, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Tuesday August 7th, 2012

8:00      Complementary Technology and Systems 

             Moderator: Casey Grant, Research Director, Fire Protection Research Foundation

              Signal of Opportunity Location Devices for First Responders

              Eric Richards, Director, Research & Development, Q-Track Corporation

               The Co-Evolution of Firefighter Work Practice and Navigation Support: Systematic Studies of the LifeNet Tactical Navigation Support System with the FireSim Experience Prototyping Approach

                Markus Valle-Klann, Head of Situated Computing Lab, Fraunhofer FIT

                WASP: Wearable Advanced Sensor Platform

                Mark Mordecai, Director of Business Development, Globe Manufacturing Company

                Reverse RFID Update

                Greg Best, Project Manager, Advanced Technology Group /

                Manfred Sever, Systems Engineer, Trimble Navigation Limited

                Testing and Evaluation Standards 

               Test and Evaluation of Localization and Tracking Systems                

                Nader Moayeri, Senior Technical Advisor, NIST/Advanced Network Technologies Division

                NFPA Electronic Safety Equipment Standards

                Bruce Varner, Fire Chief [Ret.], Santa Rosa Fire Department, NFPA Committee Chair, NFPA Electronic Safety Equipment Technical Committee

10:00    Break

10:20    Parallel Working Sessions on the “Where are we? What is next for First Responders?”  

                MID-CENTURY ROOM:   (User Community)How close are current commercial and research systems to deployability? How well do they work?

                What improvements must be made to create a deployable system?              

                Moderator:  Timothy Sendelbach, Editor in Chief, FireRescue Magazine

                HAGGLUND ROOM: (Developers)How close are current commercial and research systems to deployability? How well do they work?

                What improvements must be made to create a deployable system?              

               Moderator:  Paul Olsen, Systems Engineer, CERDEC/Command, Power and Integration/U.S. Army

                ODEUM C:  Beyond location and tracking, what technological developments would be of greatest value to firefighters and other emergency responders? 

                (Consider capabilities such as physiological and hazardous environment monitoring, communications, flashover prediction, wildland fires.)

               Moderator: Marc Harlacher, Director, Geospatial Communications, Argon ST

1:15     Panel and discussion: Where have we been, where are we going, next challenges?   

            Panel Moderator: Jalal Mapar, DHS S&T / Jim Duckworth, WPI

                User Community/First Responder Presentation

                Developers Presentation       

                Beyond Location and Tracking Presentation        

3:00     System Demonstration Results - Worcester Fire Department

Moderator/Organizer: Ric Plummer, Fire Engineer [Ret.], Berlin, MA Fire Dept.

with Chief John Sullivan,Operations Deputy Chief, Worcester Fire Department

Systems Testing Participant:     GLANSER (Honeywell)

         Presentation Results


 4:00   Plans for the Future and Wrap-Up

          Jalal Mapar, Program Manager, DHS S&T Directorate







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