Part-time Graduate Program

Graduate Study at WPI

WPI, the nation's third oldest technological university, was also among the first to recognize the need to provide engineering, technical and management professionals with graduate-level educational opportunities on a part-and full-time basis.

Opportunities for graduate study ranges from formal graduate degree programs, to graduate certificates, & advanced certificates. Part-time graduate students at WPI benefit from the same personalized faculty advising as our full-time students.

Graduate Degree Programs

WPI offers graduate study leading to the master of science, and the doctor of philosophy degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering These programs are available to both full-time and part-time students.

Requirements for the M.S. Degree

There are two routes to the master of science degree: the non-thesis option and the thesis option. The minimum requirement for the M.S. degree in electrical and computer engineering is 30 credits in the non-thesis program and 30 if a thesis is included. At least 21 credits must be graduate level courses (500 level) or research in the field of electrical and computer engineering taken at WPI. The remaining courses may be either at the 4000 (maximum of two) or the 500 level in computer science, physics, engineering or mathematics. The complete program must be approved by the student's advisor and the Graduate Program Committee.

Requirements for the M.Eng. Degree

Similar to the master of science degree, the master of engineering degree requires the successful completion of at least 21 credits of WPI ECE graduate courses. In contrast to the M.S. degree, the M.Eng. degree allows up to 9 credits of non-ECE courses to be chosen as management courses and does not include a thesis option.

Requirements for the Ph.D. Degree

Completion of 60 of more credits of graduate work beyond the master of science degree in electrical and computer engineering, including at 30 credits of Research. A program of study form must be completed and approved.

Each doctoral student must establish two minors in fields outside of electrical engineering. Physics, mathematics and computer science are usually recommended. Each student selects the minors in consultation with the major advisor. At least 6 credits of graduate work is required in each minor area. Courses with an ECE designation which are cross-listed in the course offerings of another department cannot be used towards fulfilling the requirements of a minor area.

Full-time residency at WPI for at least one academic year is required while working toward a Ph.D. degree.

Satisfactory completion of the Diagnostic Examination and the Area of Examination are required.