Research Highlights

Professor Alexander Wyglinski Highlights his Veheicular Wireless Spectrum Measure

Vehicular Wireless Spectrum Measurement System

In a world that is dependent on information, reliable wireless communications is vital component of modern civilization. Everyday operations such as financial transactions, public safety operations, educational activities, national defense, and social interactions require some form of wireless communications in order to enable information exchange. One sector that is increasingly employing wireless communications is the automotive industry.

Fred Looft, Department Head

Atwater Kent Laboratories: Where Research and Education are Intertwined

Join Professor Fred Looft on a video tour of Atwater Kent Laboratories – the first building in the nation dedicated to electrical engineering education. Learn about the historic research that has taken place in this building, and discover the ground-breaking work being conducted today.


Professors Cyganski and Professors Duckworth

Keeping Track in Fire, Smoke, and Battle

A multidisciplinary team of WPI faculty and student researchers, working closely with the Worcester Fire Department and other agencies, is developing a sophisticated system designed to locate and track the movement and health of emergency workers inside burning buildings. The system will enable site commanders to continuously monitor firefighters' movements and guide them to safety.

Professors Cyganski and Duckworth discuss how to aid first responders through the Precision Personnel Locator Project. Watch the video, and then learn more…


Professor Ludwig

A Better Way to Detect Breast Cancer

There is growing evidence that MRI is more accurate than mammography, but it is currently too expensive for routine cancer screening. Professor Reinhold Ludwig's work with magnetic coils is leading the way to images that are faster—and therefore cheaper—to produce.

The development of new MR Imaging technologies used in diagnosing breast and prostate cancer is at the center of Professor Ludwig’s research in his RF-Electronics and Medical Imaging Laboratory at WPI. Watch the video, and then learn more…


Professor Alex Wyglinski

SDR and Cognitive Radio to the Rescue

The world's growing number of wireless users, applications, and services are running out of radio frequency spectrum under the traditional licensing framework. Researchers at WPI's Wireless Innovation Laboratory are rethinking the way RF spectrum is utilized, developing new software-defined radio (SDR) and cognitive technology to enable dynamic spectrum access.

Professor Alex Wyglinski’s discusses his research which centers on a range of wireless communication challenges. Watch the video, and then learn more…


Professor  Pahlavan

Professor Kaveh Pahlavan Discusses His Wireless Information Network Research

“Visit Professor  Pahlavan’s Center for Wireless Information Network Studies and discover how wireless propagation and geolocation pose unique challenges in an indoor environment.


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