Non ECE Majors

Students who wish to develop a background in electrical and computer engineering are advised to consult with a faculty member in the ECE Department. A basic foundation in electric circuits and electronics may be obtained by taking ECE 2010, ECE 2019, ECE 2201, and ECE 2311. A basic foundation in the elements of computer engineering may be obtained by taking ECE 2010, ECE 2029, ECE 2049, and ECE 3803 and/or ECE 3810. An overview of basic electric circuits can be obtained by taking ECE 2010.

Electrical and computer engineering may be coupled with other areas of study to define a unique interdisciplinary program. Students contemplating such an innovative program should contact the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Division for guidance and approval, especially with regard to the selection of a suitable MQP and arrangements for program-specific distribution requirements.

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