Undergraduate Programs

At WPI, we believe that doing is the most potent form of learning – especially in a hands-on field such as electrical and computer engineering.  Our unique project-based curriculum allows undergraduate students the chance to experience the kind of real-world problem solving that will soon characterize their professional careers.

The ECE bachelor's degree program is balanced, integrated, project-based, and revolves around close interaction with our outstanding faculty. The program is strong in teaching both the fundamentals and in exploring cutting-edge discoveries and research.

Graduates of the ECE program have an advantage over their competition because they know how to apply their engineering knowledge to solve important problems, they possess the ability to communicate and work in teams, and they understand the broad implications of their work. It’s no wonder top-tier employers consistently seek out our graduates.

Kaung Myat Win

Meet our Students

Santiago Rojas

Summer Programs

WPI offers several pre-college summer programs that allow aspiring engineers the chance to begin their studies before entering college.