Wireless Communications, Networking, Geopositioning

Signal Processing and Information Networking Laboratory

Faculty:  Rick Brown

Recent and ongoing work includes:

  • Computationally efficient multiuser detection algorithms in CDMA cellular communication systems
  • Crosstalk cancellation in DSL systems

Precision Personnel Locator Project

Faculty:  David Cyganski

Faculty:  R. James Duckworth

Recent and ongoing work includes:

  • Adaptive antennas exploiting channel reciprocity for capacity enhancement
  • Optimization of network protocols for multimedia communication

Center for Advanced Integrated Radio Navigation

Faculty:  Bill Michalson

Recent and ongoing work includes:

  • Integrity monitoring of the Global Positioning System for precision approach and landing of aircraft

Center for Wireless Information Network Studies

Faculty:  Kaveh Pahlavn

Recent and ongoing work includes:

  • Wireless indoor geolocation and wireless Internet (IPv6) services
  • Statistical and deterministic models for indoor RF propagation
  • Performance evaluation of wireless telecommunication and geolocation terminals

Wireless Innovation Laboratory (WI Lab)

Faculty:  Alexander Wyglinksi

  • Wireless communications

  • Cognitive/software-defined radio

  • Opportunistic spectrum access

  • Wireless networks

  • Signal processing for digital communications  

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