Faculty Research Interests

For more specifics about faculty members’ research interests, click on their names to view their full bio pages.

  • John Bergendahl:  Novel physical and chemical treatment processes; sustainable engineering design
  • Terri Camesano:  Bacterial adhesion and interaction forces; biopolymers; bacterial-natural organic matter interactions; colloid-polymer interactions; DNA-polymer interactions; gene therapy
  • William Clark:  Separation processes; computer modeling; teaching and learning
  • David DiBiasio:  Understanding learning in hands-on, virtual, and remote laboratory contexts
  • Frederick L. Hart:  Water quality modeling
  • Nikolaos Kazantzis:  Energy and environmental systems analysis; energy production systems performance assessment; chemical process safety; risk analysis and characterizastion; regulation of chemicals
  • Paul Mathisen:  Water resources; environmental engineering; environmental hydraulics; stormwater management; contaminant transport in groundwater
  • Jeanine Plummer:  Source water protection; fecal source tracking; drinking water treatment; sanitation in developing countries
  • John M. Sullivan:  MRI image analysis; GUI graphical tools development; 3D volume mesh generation; phase change numerical modeling
  • Robert W. Thompson:  Zeolite crystallization; organics removal from water; alternative energy technologies
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