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Albert Simeoni

Even today, despite progress in modeling and experimentation, the fundamental mechanisms driving the spreading of forest fires are not well understood. This area of research is especially challenging and interesting, since it has the potential to greatly impact on the safety of people, goods, and the environment. My research is geared squarely on developing more complete understanding, modeling, simulation, and experiments of wildfires, with special consideration of combustion and heat, and mass transfers. The elemental aspects of my research focus on understanding the basic phenomena that drive fire behavior. The applied aspects focus on the development of scientific tools useful for firefighting and land management. My students and I develop experimental and analytical techniques to more fully understand fire dynamics and thus better forecast fire behavior under diverse conditions.

Research Interests

  • Porous wildland fuel flammability
  • Wildland fuel burning dynamics
  • Fire eruptions (self-acceleratory fires in slopes and canyons) and Fire Safety Issues
  • Transition from smoldering to flaming
  • Wildland-Urban Interface fires


  • BS, Applied Physics, University of Corsica, France, 1994.
  • MEng, Thermal Transfers, University of Aix-Marseille, France, 1996.
  • MS, Thermal Science and Fluid Dynamics, University of Provence, France, 1996.
  • PhD, Physics, Energetic, University of Corsica, France, 2000.
  • HDR (French Post-Doctoral Degree), Physics,
    Energetic and Combustion, University of
    Corsica, France, 2008.

Featured Publications

  • Simeoni, P. Salinesi, F. Morandini. Physical Modelling of Forest Fire Spreading through Heterogeneous Fuel Beds. International Journal of Wildland Fire, to appear in 2011.
  • P. Bartoli, A. Simeoni, J.L. Torero, P.A. Santoni. Determination of the main parameters influencing forest fuel combustion dynamics, Fire Safety Journal, to appear.
  • J.L. Torero, A. Simeoni. Ignition of Solid Fuels and the Modelling of Forest Fires. Plenary lecture at the VI International Conference on Forest Fire Research, Coimbra, Portugal, 15-18 November 2010.
  • D. Cancellieri, V. Leroy-Cancellieri, E. Leoni, A. Simeoni, A.Ya Kuzin, A.I. Filkov, G. Rein. Kinetic study of thermal degradation of peats by TGA. VI International Conference on Forest Fire Research, Coimbra, Portugal, 15-18 November 2010.
  • T. Barboni, M. Cannac, V. Pasqualini, A. Simeoni, E. Leoni, N. Chiaramonti. VOCs and SVOCs in smoke exposure among firefighters at prescribed burning in the Mediterranean region, International Journal of Wildland Fire, 2010, 19, 606-612.
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