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Craig A. Shue

I am interested in computer networking and security. Given the significance of the Internet in our economy and society, I am interested in improvements and studies that can have a real-world impact. In my prior work, I have focused on Internet-scale measurements to identify security weaknesses and under-provisioned systems that could cause widespread website outages if attacked, or if they simply failed. In my Ph.D. dissertation, I examined a redesign of the Internet that would eliminate the need for IPv4 or IPv6, but instead allow packets to be identified by DNS host names and routed using ISP network identifiers (Autonomous System Numbers) in the Internet core.

I am now interested in exploring future directions in computing from a systems, networking, and security standpoint. As smartphone adoption increases, will we see fewer desktop and laptop systems? What will this mean for network provisioning and security? I am interested in working on projects, theses, and dissertations in these directions.

Teaching is exciting for me, and I enjoy sharing my field with others. I teach in the computer networks, systems, and security areas, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. I also serve as the coach for the WPI Cyber Defense Team, which practices and competes annually in the spring.

Research Interests

  • Computer Networking
  • Security
  • Distributed Systems


  • BS, Ohio University, 2004
  • MS, Indiana University, 2006
  • PhD, Indiana University, 2009

Featured Publications

  • 1. : Andrew J. Kalafut, Craig A. Shue, Minaxi Gupta, "Touring DNS Open Houses for Trends and Configurations," IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, vol. 19, issue 6, Pages 1666 - 1675, December 2011.
  • 2. : Craig A. Shue, Minaxi Gupta, "An Internet without the Internet Protocol," Computer Networks, vol. 54, issue 18, December, 2010.
  • 3. : Andrew J. Kalafut, Craig A. Shue, Minaxi Gupta, "Malicious Hubs: Detecting Abnormally Malicious Autonomous Systems," IEEE INFOCOM mini-conference, Mar. 2010.
  • 4. : Craig A. Shue, Andrew J. Kalafut, Minaxi Gupta, "Exploitable Redirects on the Web: Identification, Prevalence, and Defense," USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies (WOOT), Jul. 2008.
  • 5. : Craig A. Shue, Minaxi Gupta, Matthew P. Davy, "Packet Forwarding with Source Verification," Computer Networks, vol. 52, issue 8, pages 1567-1582, Jun. 2008.
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      Professional Highlights

      • I am currently exploring how trusted computing hardware can be leveraged to make computing more secure.
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