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Atwater Kent Laboratories, 313
Phone: +1-508-831-5351
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Donald R. Brown III

As an electrical engineer, my main focus is on communication systems and networks. I began my work in this field with a BSEE degree in the early 1990s by developing and implementing industrial network protocols that facilitated monitoring and control of electrical distribution equipment. Communication systems and networks have changed almost every aspect of our lives over the last 20 years and next generation systems are currently being developed to offer higher speeds, longer battery life, improved security, and increased reliability. I am particularly interested in fundamental technologies that enable these next generation systems including distributed synchronization, game theoretic analysis of selfish behavior in wireless networks, and energy-efficient resource allocation in cooperative communication networks. In my opinion, an electrical engineering degree provides an ideal background to work on these problems because it provides a solid background in mathematics, including calculus, probability, and linear algebra, as well as the engineering and problem-solving skills necessary to transfer new ideas to practical systems.

Research Interests

  • communication systems and networking
  • signal processing
  • information theory
  • estimation and detection
  • linear and nonlinear dynamical systems


  • BS, University of Connecticut - Storrs, 1992
  • MS, University of Connecticut - Storrs, 1996
  • PhD, Cornell University, 2000

Featured Publications

  • Jie Yang, Andrew G. Klein, and D.R. Brown III. Natural Cooperation in Wireless Networks: When Can Selfish Nodes Cooperate Without Extrinsic Incentive Mechanisms? IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 26(5):98:106, September 2009.
  • Man-On Pun, D.R. Brown III, and H.V. Poor. Opportunistic Collaborative Beamforming with One-Bit Feedback. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 8(5):2629-2641, May 2009.
  • J.A. McNeill, M. Coln, D.R. Brown III, and B. Larivee. Digital Background Calibration Algorithm for "Split ADC" Architecture. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, 56(2):294-306, February 2009.
  • R. Mudumbai, D.R. Brown III, U. Madhow, and H. V. Poor. Distributed Transmit Beamforming: Challenges and Recent Progress. IEEE Communications Magazine, 47(2):102:110, February 2009.
  • D.R. Brown III and H.V. Poor. Time-Slotted Round-Trip Carrier Synchronization for Distributed Beamforming. IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 56(11):5630-5643, November 2008.

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Professional Highlights

  • WPI ECE Dept. Joseph Samuel Satin Distinguished Fellow Award, 2002
  • Sigma Phi Epsilon Faculty Appreciation Award, 2002
  • Best paper runner-up award: "On throughput efficiency of geographic opportunistic routing in multihop wireless networks", by K. Zeng, W. Lou, J. Yang, and D.R. Brown III, QShine 2007, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, August 14-17, 2007.
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