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Fred J. Looft

My interests in ECE have changed significantly over the years. When I first came to WPI/ECE, I was involved in the modeling of sensory receptors and neural coding—a field of study at the interface between electrical engineering, communications systems, biomedical engineering, neurosciences, and sensory systems. For about 20 years I published papers and worked on research grants related to sensory systems and neural coding, advised undergraduate and graduate projects, and collaborated on several projects with a colleague at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester. About 10 years ago my interests evolved to include the general area of off-campus student project advising (both senior capstone projects and third year qualifying projects), the development of space flight systems and small satellites, and other more mainstream ECE areas. For example, during this time I worked with a large team of students on a small-satellite grant from the Air Force and collaborated with faculty on a project center we operated at the Goddard Space Flight Center. While my interests in space flight systems continues, I have expanded my interests to include advising projects and students in the areas of alternative energy and aircraft avionics, as well as teaching courses and advising projects at the BS and MS level in systems engineering and robotics—the latter focusing mostly on robot systems, actuators, and applications.

Research Interests

  • instrumentation
  • digital and analog systems
  • robotics engineering
  • biomedical engineering
  • microprocessor systems and architectures
  • space-flight systems


  • BS, University of Michigan, 1973
  • MS, University of Michigan, 1976
  • PhD, University of Michigan, 1979
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