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Hossein Hakim

When I first came to WPI almost 25 years ago, my teaching focus was in power systems, but due to decline of interest in that area, my focus shifted to digital signal processing. I now teach discrete-time signal and system analysis, one of the fundamental courses for an ECE undergraduate at WPI. In my class, students learn how to use a computer to manipulate signals to achieve desired goals. The application for this skill can be used in audio, digital image processing, and video signal processing, as well as speech recognition, digital communications, SONOR, and radar. My course is a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves, let’s understand this from the bottom-up experience. I enjoy the interaction with students and guiding them through their college careers. I strongly believe that we need to prepare our students for the interactive and the global world that has been emerging. That belief led me to spend 10 years in the Interdisciplinary and Global Studies Department at WPI, to work on further development of IGSD’s Global Perspectives Program. When it comes to the field of international education of scientists and engineering, WPI is now #1 in the country, with an expansive network of educational centers all around the world. I enjoy exploring different cultures, learning new languages, and dancing. My interest in dancing began five years ago on a trip to Argentina to learn Spanish. Dancing has taken me to many countries to find new friends and learn new perspectives, but has also enabled me the opportunity to help those in my own community by working with the students to organize major dance events on campus and get involved in fundraising to help to empower those who have not been as fortunate as we have been.

Research Interests

  • digital signal processing
  • power system analysis
  • system engineering


  • BS, Arya-Mehr University, 1975
  • MS, Purdue University, 1977
  • PhD, Purdue University, 1982

Featured Publications

  • H. Hakim and B. Najafi, "A Comparative Study of Non-Parametric Spectral Estimators for Application in Machine Vibration Analysis," Journal of Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, pp. 551-574, November 1992.
  • H. Hakim, "Application of Pattern Recognition in Transient Security Assessment," Journal of Electric Machines and Power Systems, pp. 1-15, January 1992.
  • H. Hakim and S. Potts, "Application of Parametric Spectral Estimation to Machine Vibration Analysis," Proceedings of 1st International Machinery Monitoring and Diagnostic Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, September 1989.
  • H. Hakim and S. Gringeri, "Real-Time Implementation of the Fast Fourier Transforms," Proceedings of the AIAA/IEEE 8th Digital Avionics Systems Conference, San Jose, California, October 1988.
  • H. Hakim and B. Najafi, "Evaluation of the Nonparametric Spectral Estimators for Aircraft Engine and Helicopter Gearbox Vibration Analysis," Technical Report 3.1-2-88, Research and Development Group, General Electric Aircraft Instruments Department, July 1988.

Professional Highlights

  • 1986 - 1987: Satin Distinguished Fellow
  • Insitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • American Society for Engineering Education
  • Eta Kappa Nu
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