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Jeanine Skorinko

Jeanine Skorinko is an assistant professor of psychology at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the Department of Social Science and Policy Studies. She received her PhD in social psychology at the University of Virginia.

Her research program attempts to understand how factors in our social environment, especially those factors we are unaware of, influence decisions and interpersonal interactions. She has investigated how different types of external and internal influences (e.g., subtle contextual signs, stereotypes/stigmas, perceptions of others, the ability to perspective take, cultural orientation) affect perceptions, decisions, and self-views, especially in the legal and organizational domains.

Professor Skorinko also enjoys teaching and mentoring students. At WPI, Professor Skorinko teaches PSY1400: Introduction to Psychological Science, PSY1402: Social Psychology, SS2400: Methods, Modeling, and Analysis, and PSY2407: Psychology of Gender. She also happily accepts students to work and volunteer in her SPI (Social Psychology Inquiry) Lab and encourages students to contact her if interested.

Research Interests

  • Decision making
  • Psychology and law
  • Stigmas and stereotypes
  • Perspective taking
  • Cultural orientation


  • A.A. Bard College and Simon's Rock
  • B.A. Rice University
  • M.A. University of Virginia
  • Ph. D University of Virginia

Featured Publications

  • Skorinko, J. L., Laurent, S., Bountress, K. E., Kuckuck, D. G., & Nyein, K.P. (in press). Effects of perspective taking on courtroom decisions. Journal of Applied Social Psychology.
  • Skorinko, J. L., & Spellman, B. A. (in press). Stereotypic crimes: How group-crime associations affect memory and (sometimes) verdicts and sentencing. Victims & Offenders.
  • Skorinko, J. L., & Sinclair, S. (2013). Perspective taking can increase stereotyping: The role of apparent stereotype confirmation. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 49, 10-18.
  • Skorinko, J. L., Doyle, J. K., & Tryggvason, G. (2012). Do goals matter in engineering education? An exploration of how goals influence outcomes for FIRST robotics participants. Journal of Pre-College Engineering Education Research (J-PEER), 2 (2), Article 3. http://dx.doi.org/10.5703/1288284314867
  • Skorinko, J. L., Sinclair, S., & Conklin, L. (2012). Perspective taking shapes the impact of significant-other representations. Self & Identity, 11, 170-184.
  • Djamasbi, S., Skorinko, J. L., & Siegel, M. (Summer 2011). Online viewing and aesthetic preferences of Generation Y and Baby Boomers: Testing user experience through eye tracking. International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 15, 121-158.
  • Bradley-Geist, J., King, E. B., Skorinko, J. L., Hebl, M. R., & McKenna, C. (2010). Moral credentialing by association: Do friendships with stigmatized individuals provide license to discriminate? Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 36, 1564-1575.

Book Chapters

  • Hebl, M., Martinez, L. R., Skorinko, J. L., Barron, L. G., & King, E. B. (in press). How diversity ideologies influence LGBT employees: To be or not to be, and to see or not to see. In K. M. Thomas, Plaut, V, & Tran, M. (Eds.) Diversity ideologies in organizations. NY, NY: Taylor & Francis.
  • Doyle, J., Saeed, K., Skorinko, J. (2009). Situational Dynamics: Revisiting Barry Richmond’s
    Models of Classic Experiments in Social Psychology. In Richmond, Richmond and Stuntz (eds).
    Essays in Honor of Barry Richmond, in press. Hanover, NH: Isee Systems.

Labs and Centers

Social Psychology Inquiry (SPI) Lab

Professional Highlights

  • Recipient of 2012 the Romeo L Moruzzi Young Faculty Award for Innovative Undergraduate Education
  • President-Elect New England Psychological Association (NEPA)
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