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Justin Wang

Education is one of the most important driving forces for long-term sustainable economic growth. I enjoy teaching at WPI because WPI embraces it well by inspiring continuous innovation and creativity in our students and preparing them as future leaders of all industries. WPI focuses on both theory and practice through our project-based curriculum, which provides a differentiated education experience for each student. We do not believe that one size fits all in education but customize the learning experience based on each student’s interest and according to the needs of sponsors, including corporations, nonprofit organizations, and communities, around the world. Every project experience is unique as the teams grow, make progress, take ownership of their project, refine their presentation, and impress the project sponsors. Our motivated students work together as a team to take on social responsibility and address real-world issues.

Research Interests

  • Health Economics
  • Applied Microeconometrics
  • Corporate Governance
  • Economics of Entrepreneurship


  • B.S., University of San Francisco, 2001
  • M.B.A., University of San Francisco, 2003
  • Ph.D., Lehigh University, 2009

Featured Publications

  • "Do Bad Report Cards Have Consequences? Impacts of Publicly Reported Provider Quality Information on the CABG Market in Pennsylvania," with Jason Hockenberry, Shin-Yi Chou, and Muzhe Yang, forthcoming in Journal of Health Economics.
  • "Incorporating Health Outcomes in Pennsylvania Hospital Efficiency: An Additive Super-efficiency DEA Approach," with Juan Du, Yao Chen, Shin-Yi Chou, and Joe Zhu, forthcoming in Annals of Operations Research.
  • "Effect of State Health Insurance Mandates on Employer-provided Health Insurance," with David van der Goes and Kathy Wolchik, forthcoming in Eastern Economic Journal.


Professional Highlights

  • 2010 Elizabeth V. Stout Dissertation Award, Lehigh University
  • 2008 Warren-York Dissertation Fellowship, Lehigh University
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