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John Hedly

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John W. Hedly

In my 15 years of teaching to traditional and non-traditional, undergraduate, and graduate students, I have realized one thing very deeply: that I love being in the classroom! I enjoy my role as an instructor because it enables me to immediately see the outcome of my efforts.

I teach both undergraduate and graduate courses in accounting, economics, and finance, and I make sure to use the appropriate style and technique in conveying the information to each type of audience. Most of the students in the classes are non-business majors. My biggest challenge is to keep their attention focused on a subject they find it hard to relate to. I have to use a combination of textbook information, business world examples, a little sense of humor, and examples from our day-to-day lives to make the subject matter interesting and useful to them.

To summarize my goals in teaching, I want to add value to my students.

  • I want every business student with whom I come into contact to be the best in his or her profession.
  • I want my students to realize that the classroom is as relevant as the “real world” that they are about to enter and to be able to use effectively the accounting skills that they learn in my class in their respective occupations.
  • Finally, I want my students to enjoy the learning process, to look forward to each class meeting and to leave the classroom at the end of the semester with a feeling of satisfaction from having learned something new and useful.

In the pursuit of these goals, I have done and continue to do the following.

  • First, I believe in excellence in teaching. I give a lot of importance to how well I am prepared for my classes and how well I deliver my material to my students. At the same time, I believe that education is a joint effort between a teacher and his/her students. Hence, I encourage my students to take an active part in learning through class discussion and/or regular discussion board posts.
  • Wherever applicable, I emphasize the "why" part of every accounting topic in addition to the "how" part of it because I believe that this approach enables the students to understand the material well and retain it longer.
  • I make extensive use of the current technology in delivering quality instruction to my students. This involves posting the course materials on the Blackboard platform, keeping constant communication with my students via email and discussion board, as may be applicable, and using the online testing and gradebook features of Blackboard. My students have frequently applauded the use of the online gradebook and my timely posting of individual assignment scores that enables them to know their up-to-date grades throughout the semester.
  • I continuously evaluate my teaching methods and try to bring improvements in them based on my experience with every class of students. I always seek input from my students as to how I can make the subject matter more interesting in the future. However, at any point, I do not compromise the quality of education delivered by me just to please the students.

Research Interests

  • Financial/Managerial accounting skills as they apply to the strategic goals of an organization
  • Management and leadership skills development programs


  • AA Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, 1982
  • BS Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, 1986
  • MBA UMass-Amherst, 1994

Featured Publications

  • How Many Gauges Does your Organization Use?” An overview of the Balanced Scorecard, published in the Yankee Chapter of the American Society of Military Comptrollers newsletter, June 2002

Professional Highlights

  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • High Data Rate-Radio Frequency Program
  • Space and Nuclear Networks Division, US Air Force
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