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Olin Hall, 224
Phone: +1-508-831-5339
Fax: +1-508-831-5886

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L. Ramdas Ram-Mohan

Research Interests

  • Physics of Nanoscale Systems
  • Variational Principles and Finite Element Modeling of Nanoscale Systems
  • Electrodynamics Simulations
  • Quantum Scattering simulations
  • Thermal management in nanoscale devices


  • BS, Delhi University
  • MS, Purdue University
  • PhD, Purdue University

Featured Publications

  • “Wavefunction engineering of Antimonide Quantum Well Lasers,” L. R. Ram-Mohan, I. Vurgaftman, and J. R. Meyer, Microelectronics Journal, special issue on "Quasibound States in Semiconductor Quantum Devices,” Vol 30, 1031-1042 (1999).
  • “The Schrödinger-Poisson Selfconsistency in Layered Quantum Semiconductor Structures,” L. R. Ram-Mohan, K. H. Yoo, and J. Moussa, Journal of Applied Physics 95, 3081-3092 (2004).
  • “Band Parameters for III-V Compound Semiconductors and Their Alloys,” I. Vurgaftman, J. R. Meyer and L. R. Ram-Mohan, Journal of Applied Physics 89, 5815-5875 (2001).
  • “The finite element method for energy eigenvalues of quantum mechanical systems,” L. R. Ram-Mohan, S. Saigal, D. Dossa, and J. Shertzer, Computers in Physics 4, 50-59 (1990).
  • “A Transfer Matrix Method for the Calculation of Concentrations and Fluxes in Multicomponent Diffusion Couples,” L. R. Ram-Mohan and M. A. Dayananda, Acta Materialia 54, 2325-2334 (2006).

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Labs and Centers

  • Center for Computational NanoScience (CCNS)

Professional Highlights

  • The Chairman of the Trustees' Exemplary Faculty Prize at WPI, awarded in May 2011.
  • Clark Way Harrison Distinguished Visiting Professorship at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri
  • The Sigma Xi Senior Faculty Award for Research Excellence at WPI
  • Engineering Excellence Award of the Optical Society of America
  • Department of the Air Force Certificate of Achievement
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