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Michael A. Demetriou

Professor Demetriou is very active with the Controls and Systems research community. He served as an Associate Editor in the IEEE Tr. on Automatic Control (2004-2007), in the ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement, and Control (2009-2011), and in SIAM J. Control and Optimization (2009-present). He is also serving in the IEEE-Control Systems Society Conference Editorial Board as an Associate Editor (1997-present). In 2003 he established the IEEE-CSS Technical Committee on Distributed Parameter Systems and served as his first chair (2003-2012).

His research interests center around systems and controls: In particular theoretical and computational aspects of estimation and control for systems governed by partial differential equations; intelligent allocation and scheduling of actuators/sensors in distributed parameter systems; intrusion detection using mobile sensor and actuator networks; hybrid control of distributed parameter systems with switching/moving/scanning actuators & sensors; fault detection, diagnosis and accommodation of dynamical systems (lumped and distributed); adaptive estimation and control of finite and infinite dimensional systems; control of structural acoustic systems and fluid-structure interaction systems; active noise control; optimization in thermal manufacturing; damage detection and vibration control of flexible structures with intelligent sensors & actuators.

Research funding has been sponsored by AFOSR (Dynamics and Controls Program), ONR (Ocean, Atmosphere, and Space Sensing & Systems Division), NSF (DUE, CMS), NASA Massachusetts Space Grant Consortium, NASA (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Tracking Systems and Applications Section).

Research Interests

  • Adaptive estimation and control of flexible smart structures
  • Robust control of fluid-structure interaction systems
  • Fault detection
  • Diagnosis and accommodation of dynamical systems
  • Active noise control of cavities
  • Optimal location of actuators and sensors in control problems


  • BS, University of Southern California,1987
  • MS, University of Southern California, 1989
  • MS, University of Southern California, 1990
  • PhD, University of Southern California, 1993

Featured Publications

  • "Synchronization and consensus controllers for a class of parabolic distributed parameter systems", M. A. Demetriou, Systems & Control Letters, 62 (1), pp. 70-76, 2013. 
  • "Adaptive control of 2D PDEs using mobile collocated actuator/sensor pairs with augmented vehicle dynamics", M. A. Demetriou, in IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, 57(12), pp.2979 - 2993, 2012. 
  • "Enforcing consensus on adaptive parameter estimation of structurally perturbed infinite dimensional systems", M. A. Demetriou, in IEEE Trans. on Automatic Control, 57(12), pp. 3147 - 3152, 2012. 
  • "Dynamic on-line nonlinear robust detection and accommodation of incipient component faults for nonlinear dissipative distributed processes", M. A. Demetriou and A. Armaou , in International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, 22(1), pp. 3-23, 2012. 
  • "Switch-Mode Continuously Variable Transmission: Modeling and Optimization", J. Van de Ven and M. A. Demetriou, in ASME J. of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, 133(3), 2011..

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