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Marsha Rolle

In my research laboratory at WPI, teams of graduate and undergraduate students collaborate with researchers at WPI and the University of Massachusetts Medical School to design, fabricate, culture and analyze cell-based engineered vascular tissue. I enjoy collaborating with students to explore the role of cells and ECM on tissue organization and material properties in health and disease, and working with undergraduate student teams to apply engineering principles to design and prototype bioreactors that impart mechanical stimuli on engineered vascular tissues to simulate the hemodynamic environment of the human circulatory system. In the classroom, I frequently rely on my experience as a research scientist in a biomaterials and drug delivery group at a medical device company to educate and excite students about the challenges of bringing cell and molecular therapies from research concept to commercialization and clinical use.

Research Interests

  • Cardiovascular tissue engineering
  • Regenerative medicine
  • Cellular self-assembly
  • Extracellular matrix biology
  • Cell delivery/cell-based therapy


  • BS, Brown University, 1995
  • Technician/Scientist, Sulzer Innotec, 1996-1998
  • PhD, University of Washington, 2003
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Benaroya Research Institute, 2004-2007

Featured Publications

  • Gwyther TA, Hu JZ, Billiar KL, Rolle MW. Directed cellular self-assembly to fabricate cell-derived tissue rings for biomechanical analysis and tissue engineering. J Vis Exp (57), 2011. [PMID: 22143346]
  • Gwyther TA, Hu JZ, Christakis AG, Skorinko JK, Shaw SM, Billiar KL, Rolle MW. Engineered vascular tissue fabricated from aggregated smooth muscle cells. Cells Tissues Organs 194(1): 13-24, 2011. [PMID: 21252472]
  • Chan CK, Rolle MW, Potter-Perigo S, Braun KR, Van Biber B, Laflamme MA, Murry CE, Wight TN. Differentiation of cardiomyocytes from human embryonic stem cells is accompanied by changes in the extracellular matrix production of versican and hyaluronan. J Cell Biochem 11(3): 585-596, 2010. FEATURES p. vi. [PMID: 20564236]
  • Stevens K§, Rolle MW§, Minami E, Ueno S, Nourse M, Virag J, Reinecke H, Murry CE. Chemical dimerization of FGFR-1 induces myoblast proliferation, increases intracardiac graft size, and attenuates ventricular remodeling in infarcted hearts. Hum Gene Ther 18(5): 401-412, 2007. (§Co-first author) [PMID: 17518610] Featured on journal cover.

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