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Milosh Puchovsky

Fire protection engineers must be prepared to assess a broad range of fire and life safety risks, and, in response, develop workable solutions to these concerns.  Based on my work experience with the National Fire Protection Association, consulting engineering firms and the insurance industry, I bring “real-world” perspectives to our students’ educational process so they will be better prepared to make the decisions that will be required of them.  My lectures, projects and assignments reflect situations that practicing fire protection engineers face, and expand a student’s knowledge of the physical behavior of fire; its impact on people, property and business; and the effect of regulations and fire test standards.  My interests lie in the design and evaluation of active and passive fire protection systems including means of occupant egress.  In addition to understanding how they will serve society as a whole, our graduates must recognize the value they will bring to their employers, customers, and clients whether it be by providing solutions to fire and life safety problems; developing new products, services, or design approaches; or by influencing regulatory policy.

Research Interests

  • Sprinkler & water-based fire protection systems
  • Fire pumps & water supply
  • Gaseous suppression systems including clean agents
  • Building and fire codes
  • Occupant egress and life safety concepts
  • Fire engineering design practices including performance-based design


  • BS, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • MS, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  • Licensed Professional Engineer, PE

Featured Publications

"Design Calculations – Section 4", SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering, 5th edition, SFPE (Technical Editor & Author) – In Preparation for 2015

"Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Fire Safety Systems in Oil Refineries" Conference Proceedings - 5th SFPE Saudi Arabian Chapter Conference, Dammam, Saudi Arabia, September 2014

"Deciding on Fire Protection Systems: What Factors Come into Play?" Consulting Specifying Engineer, May 2013

"New Approaches for Designing Fire Pump Installations", Consulting Specifying Engineer, December 2012

"Evaluating Occupant Load Factors For Business Operations" (with T. Muha, B. Merrifield, T. Thackeray and T. Wood), Fire Protection Research Foundation, Quincy, MA, April 2012.

"New Design Considerations for Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems", Consulting Specifying Engineer, May 2011

"Safety in Tall Buildings", NFPA Journal, March/April 2007

"The Application of Performance-Based Design Concepts for Fire and Life Safety", Supplement 7, Life Safety Code Handbook, 10th edition, NFPA, 2006

Pumps for Fire Protection, 1st edition, NFPA, 2002 (with Ken Isman)

Automatic Sprinkler Systems Handbook, 8th edition, NFPA 1999

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