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Stratton Hall, 105B
Phone: +1-508-831-5330
Fax: +1-508-831-5824

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Roger Lui

I am a mathematical biologist working in areas from molecules to population. I primarily teach undergraduate-level differential equations and applied mathematics classes. I also advise MQP in the area of mathematical biology.

Research Interests

  • Mathematical Biology
  • Population Genetics
  • Cell Motility
  • Theoretical Immunology


  • BS, University of Minnesota, 1975
  • PhD, University of Minnesota, 1981

Featured Publications

  • Stacked fronts for cooperative systems with equal diffusion coefficients. (with Masato Iida and Hirokazu Ninomiya) SIAM J. Math Analysis (2011) 43:1369-1389.
  • Exploring the control circuit of cell migration by mathematical modeling. (with Javier Satulovsky and Yu-li Wang) Biophysical J. (2008) 94:3671-3683.
  • Existence of global solutions for the Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto model with strongly-coupled cross diffusion. (with Y. Choi and Yoshio Yamada) Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems (2004), 10, 719-730.
  • Vapor leak detection for an underground storage tank system. (with Michael Pyzocha and Robert W. Thompson) J. of Environmental Engineering (2006) 132, 926-930.
  • Biological growth and spread modeled by systems of recursions I. mathematical theory. Mathematical Biosciences (1989) 93, 269-295.

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