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Goddard Hall, 128B
Phone: +1-508-831-5714

Sakthikumar Ambady

I’ve always loved biology from the time I was in middle school. This love encouraged me to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine, followed by a doctorate in molecular genetics and research interests in the field of gene mapping, stem cell biology, and regenerative medicine. One of the unique features of WPI is the close interaction between students and faculty. The university's project-based educational approach aligns very well with my own teaching philosophy, where laboratory-based approaches convey more of an education compared to theory-based approaches. In this age of “kit-based research.” my focus is on imparting the basic fundamentals of biology so that the students have an appreciation of the science of “kits” and how they can overcome or troubleshoot problems if and when they arise.  

Research Interests

  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Genome Analysis
  • Gene Expression Studies
  • Molecular Biology



  • DVM, Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University, India, 1984
  • MVSc, Kerala Agricultural University, India, 1988
  • PhD, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 1996

Featured Publications

  • Ambady, S., Malcuit, C., Olga, K., Kole, D., Holmes, W.F., Hedblom, E., Page, R., and Dominko, T. (2010). Expression of NANOG and NANOGP8 in a variety of undifferentiated and differentiated human cells. International Journal of Developmental Biology, 54:1743-1754.
  • Raymond L. Page, Sakthikumar Ambady, Holmes, W.F., Lucy Vilner, Denis Kole, Victoria Huntress, Ina Vojtic, Holly Whitton, and Tanja Dominko (2009). Induction of stem cell gene expression in adult human fibroblasts without transgenes. Cloning & Stem Cells. 11(3): 417-426.
  • Raymond Page, Sakthikumar Ambady (2004). Animal Cloning Applications in Agriculture. IEEE Eng Med Biol Mag. 23(2):27-31.
  • Sakthikumar Ambady, Hans H. Cheng, and F. Abel Ponce de León (2002). Development and mapping of micro satellite markers derived from chromosome-specific libraries for chicken chromosomes 1, 2, 3, and 4. Poultry Science. 18:1644-1646.
  • Sakthikumar Ambady, Steven M. Kappes., Runlin Z. Ma., Chankyu Park, Harris A. Lewin, Timothy L. Smith, Leeson J. Alexander, Roger T. Stone, Craig W. Beattie, and F. Abel Ponce de León (2001). Development and mapping of microsatellites from a microdissected BTA 11-specific DNA library. Animal Genetics. 32:152-155.

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