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Sarah D. Olson

I specialize in Mathematical Biology. Since sperm motility is an emergent property of a complex system, we are developing multi-scale models that account for chemical signaling, mechanics, and hydrodynamics. At WPI, I enjoy teaching all courses fundamental to applied mathematics, scientific computing, and modeling. I am looking forward to mentoring students at all levels whom are interested in working on areas in Mathematical Biology, Computational Biofluids, and Scientific Computing.

Research Interests

  • Mathematical Biology
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Scientific Computing
  • Locomotion
  • Tissue Engineering


  • BA, Providence College, 2003
  • MS, University of Rhode Island, 2005
  • PhD, North Carolina State University, 2008

Featured Publications

  • Olson SD, Lim S, Cortez R. 2012. Modeling the dynamics of an elastic rod with intrinsic curvature and twist using a regularized Stokes formulation. Submitted
  • Olson SD, Suarez SS, Fauci LJ. 2011. Coupling biochemistry and hydrodynamics captures hyperactivated sperm motility in a simple flagellar model. Journal of Theoretical Biology, Vol. 283, 203-216
  • Olson SD, Fauci LJ, Suarez SS. 2011. Mathematical analysis of sperm hyperactivation and calcium signaling. Sperm Motility Themed Issue in: New Research Horizon Reviews in Molecular Human Reproduction (Invited), Vol. 17, 500-510
  • Olson SD, Suarez SS, Fauci LJ. 2010. A model of CatSper channel mediated Ca2+ dynamics in mammalian spermatozoa. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, Vol. 72, 1925-1946
  • Olson SD and Haider MA. 2009. A level set reaction-‐diffusion model for tissue regeneration in a cartilage-hydrogel aggregate, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 53, pp. 333-353
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