Interdisciplinary and Global Studies

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Salisbury Laboratories, 331
Phone: +1-508-831-3571
Fax: +1-508-831-5485

Susan Vernon-Gerstenfeld

After having received my doctorate in social planning and after a career as a clinical social worker, I came to WPI in 1988 to develop the preparation activities (through ID2050) for the off-campus projects. The team approach to learning at WPI is what I love to foster and how I like to work.  Thus, IGSD’s growth as a team-oriented department that actually teaches team-work and also critical thinking is very compatible with all of the work I have been doing.  My Fulbright Senior Specialist work in Namibia to help foster the adoption of team-based learning at a technical university there was based upon what I have learned at WPI.  I particularly enjoy the special relationship with students in WPI’s project centers that I direct or at which I have advised because of the direct access to students in an informal and collaborative setting. When one teaches, one learns.

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