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Tina-Marie Ranalli

  • Adjunct Teaching Professor, Humanities & Arts
  • Advisor for French
  • Advisor for the French Circle
  • Advisor for Fellowships and Awards

My primary specialization is medieval French literature. My teaching and research also encompass medieval texts in English, German, Italian, and Latin. I frequently travel to examine original medieval manuscripts. My research interests include: medieval literature; manuscript studies; gender roles; feminist, queer, gender, transgression, and heterological theory (particularly Nietzsche); the hegemonic and the marginal; representations of the body, sex, and violence; and philology.  

I enjoy helping students learn to understand cultural difference and to recognize and interrogate cultural and social constructs. In my courses, students hone their critical thinking and analytical skills as they work to deconstruct hegemonic narratives. They begin to discern and appreciate contradiction and polysemy, inclusion and pluralism, and multiplicity of histories and narratives. My history courses include an emphasis on literary history and my cultural courses stress the roles of language. Throughout the course of each term, students develop their ability to formulate, support, and articulate a cogent argument. What I emphasize in my teaching reflects my research interests.

My scholarship includes studies on Christine de Pizan, John Gower, and the lesbian poetry of Charles Baudelaire.  My primary research project at the moment is a book that focuses on a manuscript (BN fr 60) featuring the romances of antiquity. My examination of this codex in terms of its historico-political context (Paris ca. 1330) yields a study that interrogates the intersection of gender, politics, and literature in relation to French identity in the early fourteenth century. For more about this and other current and ongoing research projects, click here.

Research Interests

  • Medieval Literature
  • Manuscript Studies 
  • Gender Roles
  • Feminist, Queer, Gender, Transgression, and Heterological Theory (particularly Nietzsche)
  • Representations of the body, sex, and violence
  • Philology


  • BA, French with German minor, High Point University
  • BS, International Business, High Point University
  • MA, French and German Literature, University of Delaware
  • MA, French Literature, University of Pennsylvania
  • PhD, Medieval French Literature, University of Pennsylvania

Featured Publications

  • “Christine de Pizan'ʹs Metaphoric Womb,” Medieval Feminist Forum 47.1 (2011): 32-51.
  • Solicited review of Debate of the “Romance of the Rose.” The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe, by David F. Hult. French Forum 36.2-3 (2011): 265-267.

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