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V.J. Manzo

My passion for teaching comes from my own love of learning. Being an effective teacher, I have learned, is more than just showing students the tools of the trade, but explaining concepts and, hopefully, imparting a love of the pursuit of knowledge. Project-oriented instruction, like we have at WPI, provides a mechanism for making classroom instruction practical; the nature of these projects being, in many ways, student-directed also makes their efforts relevant to their growing interests. My interests as a composer and technologist have grown through the years for many reasons. Among the most important, I was fortunate to have had excellent teachers model what it means to excel in research and professional activity. I hope to model the same to my students at WPI.

Research Interests

  • Algorithmic and traditional composition
  • Interactive music system programming
  • Music theory
  • Music cognition and education
  • Guitar performance


  • BA, Kean University, 2005
  • MM, New York University, 2007
  • PhD, Temple University, 2012

Featured Publications

  • Interactive Composition (book) published by Oxford University Press (2015)
  • Software-assisted Harmonic Function Discrimination (paper) published in Journal of Music, Technology & Education (2014)
  • Max/MSP/Jitter for Music (book) published by Oxford University Press (2011)
  • Effects of Polyphonic Interactive Music Systems on Determining Harmonic Functions (paper) Temple University (2012)
  • Multimedia-Based Visual Programming Promoting Core Competencies in IT Education (paper) published in Assoc. Computing Machinery (2011)

      See full list here

Labs and Centers

  • Computer Music Lab
  • Riley Hall Studios

Professional Highlights

  • Coleman Foundation Fellow (2014 - 2015)
  • Meyerson Foundation grant recipient in interactive music system development for autistic children (2012 – 2013)
  • NAMM research grant recipient in interactive technology in music education (2010 – present)
  • Distinguished Alumni Award, Kean University (2013)
  • EAMIR (2007 - present) – authored an open-source music technology project for special needs and mainstream education.
  • Modal Object Library (2006 - present) - authored an open-source algorithm library to control and define modality, harmony, and diatonicism in algorithmic computer music.  
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