Heal the World

Starts with the biology of an infectious disease and moves on to study both the biology and the management of disease control. Students study the cost of research and regulation required to bring new drugs to market. You will learn to examine problems with local complexity and global scale. Students also study management issues as cost/benefit analysis, innovation, decision-making, and competitive analysis.

Students in this course have...

  • Analyzed non-compliance for tuberculosis treatment in Tamil Nadu, India
  • Studied inefficiencies in the delivery of health care
  • Completed a case study of cervical cancer in Zambezia, Mozambique
  • Studied DNA vaccines for HIV/AIDS
  • Studied river blindness and schistosomiasis in Africa


  • Course takes place in A & B terms
  • Professors: Jill Rulfs (Biology & Biotechnology) and Helen Vassallo (School of Business)
  • Class meetings: (2 sections)
    • Monday and Friday 10:00-10:50, Wednesday 10:00-11:50 or
    • Monday and Friday 11:00-11:50, Wednesday 10:00-11:50
  • This seminar sequence will count towards a Biology (BB 1000) and Management (MG 1000) general elective credit.
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Student Projects

Check out some of the past Heal the World projects students have completed in the poster galleries below: