Ignorance is Not Bliss: Can Schools and Technology Help

NEW FOR 2014-15

Should where you grow up and go to school determine how well you do in life? Do you wonder why education seems so dysfunctional at times? International tests indicate that Americans aren’t well educated: is that true? Have you ever taught an adult to read? Can you design a truly informative, cool way to present a tough topic? Do nature and nurture, equity and excellence, opportunity and outcome, vision and verification, and the availability of educational technology matter? In the end, what should an educated person know and be able to do at age 18, at age 22? Do you meet the criteria?


  • Course takes place in A & B terms
  • Professors: Robert Traver (Undergraduate Studies) and Joseph Beck (Computer Science)
  • Class meetings
    • Monday and Thursday 11:00-11:50 and Wednesday 11:00-12:50 or
    • Monday and Thursday 12:00-12:50 and Wednesday 11:00-12:50
  • This seminar sequence will count towards a Computer science (CS 1010) and Social Science (SSPS 1100) general elective credit. (This course cannot be used to fulfill the CS requirement for the following majors:  BCB, BME, ECE, IMGD, MA, MG, MGE, MIS, PSY.)
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