Power the World

Every community faces energy problems. Solutions to these problems always involve positive and negative consequences. Fossil fuels currently dominate the energy landscape but involve impacts that are becoming less and less acceptable. Renewable sources of energy, like wind and solar, are gaining traction but present a whole new set of challenges. This course investigates the depth and breadth of energy production, transmission and use. It explores the technical, social, economic and environmental effects and challenges of power generation.

Students in this course have...

  • Developed a consumer guide for residential wind power
  • Analyzed policies for nuclear waste management
  • Analyzed the costs and benefits of a green roof on WPI's proposed recreation center
  • Studied algae for biodiesel production


  • Course takes place in C & D terms
  • Professors: Derren Rosbach (Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Geoff Pfeifer (Humanities & Arts)
  • Class meetings: Tuesday and Friday 10:00-11:50
  • This seminar sequence will count towards an Engineering Science (ES 1000) and Humanities (HU 1100) general elective credit.
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Student Projects

Check out some of the past Power the World projects students have completed in the poster galleries below: