Recycle the World: Recovering Earth's Resources for All Species and for All Time

NEW FOR 2013-14

Begins with a high-speed tour of the Grand Challenges for the 21st century: population growth, climate change, energy, mobility, water and food, aging infrastructure, resource recovery and recyclability, and health care. However the course's focus is on recovering material resources and reusing them - recycling. The course blends engineering with humanities and builds a framework for the world in which students will live, showing them how they can make the world different through their ingenuity and innovation. Policy and societal issues are also discussed in the context of the recovery and recycling. Students will work in collaboration with the NSF Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling (CR3) and will work on projects that are sponsored by some of the leading global corporations. see:


  • Course takes place in C and D terms
  • Professors: Diran Apelian (Metal Processing Institute) and Svetlana Nikitina (Humanities and Arts)
  • Class meeting: Monday and Wednesday 3:00-4:50
  • This seminar sequence will count towards an Engineering Science (ES 1000) and Humanities (HU 1100) general elective credit.
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Student Projects

Check out some of the student projects in the poster gallery below: