GPS Poster Presentation Day Judge’s Winners

GPS 2013-2014 Poster Presentation Day Judge’s Winners

Biosphere, Atmosphere and Human Fears

Winner: Improving Nutrition in Sierra Leone by John Amarello, Sarah Campos, Elizabeth Desjardins

Runner-up: Improving Transportation by Miguel Almeida, Michael Duclos, Patrick Gates, Dylan Martel

Food Sustainability

Winner: Less Till, More Yield by Matt Morais, Chris Madden, Shelby McQueston, Maitane Sesma

Runner-up: Worcester's Weekends: A Food Pack Program for Elementary Students in Need by Audrey Allen, Ryanne Daily, Ben Small, Giselle Verbera

Heal the World

Winner: Fukushima's Ice Wall: An Analysis by Garrett Brogan, Fran LaRovere, Casey Magrath, Zach McKinzie

Runner-up: Love a Mother: Decreasing Maternal Mortality in South Sudan by Kyla Nichols, Stephanie Puckett, Lindsay Schneider, Ashley Stanley

The World's Water

Winner: Water Wars in Maine: Nestlé vs. Fryeburg by Nicholas Borowski, Benjamin Dringoli, Matthew Murphy, Erik Paulson, Kelly Sheehan

Runner-up: Contamination of Cape Cod Aquifer by Daniel Bettigole, Logan Brown, Monineath Khun, Caroline Muirhead

Recycle the World

Winner: Attractive Recycling:  Recycling of Rare Earth Magnets by Ying Lu, Jacqueline O'Connor, Antonios Aimilios Tachiaos, Taylor York

Runner-up: One Man's Trash Can Be his Own Treasure:  A Project with Fireseed Arts by Steven Laudage, Matthew Micciolo, Natalie Wellen

Power the World

Winner: Lighting the Way to Safer Birth:  Improving the Solar Suitcase by Sierra Fraioli, Matthew Lepine, Shao Zhou, Zhehao Zhu

Runner-up: Power Loss: Prevention and Supplementation by Alessandra Chiaramonte, Natalie Diltz, Michael Inserra, Hallie Kenyon           


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