Board of Advisors

The Fire Protection Board of Advisors meets annually to discuss current issues and future opportunities with the WPI faculty and administration, and submits its recommendations and reports to the president of WPI and to the head of WPI's Fire Protection Engineering Department.

George E. Toth (Chairman) 
The RJA Group

April Berkol
Wayne Moore, PE, CFPS, SET
Hughes Associates, Inc.

Peter G. Clark
Vice President of Marketing
Honeywell Fire Systems Group

Tahar El-Korchi
Department Head, ad interim
Department of Fire Protection Engineering, WPI

Odofike A. Ezekoye, Ph.D., P.E.
Professor, Graduate Advisor
W. W. Domberger Centennial Teaching Fellow
University of Texas at Austin

Louis Gritzo, Ph.D.
Vice President and Manager of Research
FM Global

Dr. Anthony Hamins
Chief, Fire Research Division
National Institute of Standards and Technology

Wayne Moore
Hughes Associates, Inc

Jose L. Torero, Ph.D.
BRE Trust/RA Engineering Professor of Fire Safety Engineering
The University of Edinburgh

Peter J. Gore Willse, P.E., FSFPE
Vice President, Research Global
ASSET/Protection Services, LLC
XL Capital Group

Emeritus Members

  • Douglas Drysdale
    Professor of Fire Safety Engineering
    Fire Safety Engineering Unit
    University of Edinburgh
  • Howard W. Emmons (deceased)
    Professor Emeritus
    Harvard University
  • Rolf H. Jensen (deceased)
    Professor and FPE Department Head
    Illinois Institute of Technology
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