New FPE Laboratory Facilities at Gateway Park

WPI is committed to furthering collaborations with industry. The new fire lab is more than triple the size of the current lab to allow space for industry-centric projects and research. In addition, the labs are designed to provide a great deal of flex space to allow for changing priorities and assistance to industry in a timely manner.

Fundamentals Laboratory at Gateway Park

Sponsored by Honeywell, this lab will become operational in 2013 with new and enhanced bench-scale capabilities. The core capabilities will be based on the Cone Calorimeter, the Fire Propagation Apparatus, differential scanning calorimeter, and thermogravimetric analysis. Additional capabilities will then be added based on future research directions. The fundamentals lab is designed to provide high-quality data free of interference from noise, vibrations, environmental factors, etc.

Engineering Laboratory at Gateway Park

Scheduled for operation in 2013 with new and enhanced 6 m full-scale capabilities, the lab's core capabilities will be based on a 6m calorimeter hood that is rated for 3 MW fires. The space under the hood will allow for a wide range of full scale experiments to be conducted for the built and wildland environments. The engineering laboratory is over 2,000 sq. ft. of flexible space with a 30 foot high ceiling.

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