Programs of Study

As the tempo of development increases around the world, fire prevention and control are becoming more vital for individuals, organizations, and society. Educating future generations of engineers about how to minimize fire’s destructive potential has never been more crucial.

Today’s successful fire protection engineers must understand fire and the technology available to both prevent and fight fire. As well as the legal and regulatory environment; the economic realities, building construction, and industrial processes; and human behavior as investors and builders of infrastructure, as users, and—when things go wrong—as victims of fire. Greater fire safety is a priority that must be achieved at lower cost. The science of fire behavior and human behavior must be better understood for fire protection engineers to be better prepared. WPI is a leader in these endeavors, working at the intersection of engineering, policy, and economics.

The WPI Fire Protection Engineering curriculum teaches you current standards of practice while exposing you to state-of-the-art resources and groundbreaking research. Problem-oriented projects and thesis opportunities empower you to look for new methods and answers. Your WPI degree will equip you with the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to enter the field and become a leader in research, policy, education, and beyond.


The 5-year BS/MS program offers you the opportunity to gain a BS in one of the traditional engineering disciplines such as mechanical, chemical, or electrical and computer engineering, and an MS in fire protection engineering. Learn more...


Gain a master’s degree in fire protection engineering with a focus in practice, theory, or research, and move your career forward as a highly trained professional in the FPE field. Learn more...


Earn your doctorate in fire protection engineering in one of the premier programs in the world and become one of the groundbreaking scholars leading the world to safety. Learn more...  

Certificate Programs

Understand the basic concepts of fire protection engineering or build on prior knowledge through a 4- or 5-course certificate program focused on real-life application. Learn more...

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