Fire Protection Engineering

Leading the World to Safety

One of two graduate level fire engineering programs in the country, WPI Fire Protection Engineering has driven more research, developed more real-world solutions, and graduated more in-demand experts in the last 30 years.

Whether performing risk analyses with architects, engineering safer ships, investigating explosions, or influencing regulations around the world, fire protection engineers are working in this heroic science to save lives. Protecting our increasingly crowded world from the risk of fire means diving into a stimulating mix of engineering disciplines, mathematics, computer science, and even psychology.

Join the ranks of fire protection engineers through this leading edge FPE program. Learn more...

For over 30 years, WPI FPE graduates have enjoyed the benefits of the best employment opportunities in the most exciting and rewarding new areas of practice. Download this PDF pamphlet...

Avoiding Costly Losses Due to Fire

Who's Engienereing the Solutions? What Are Their Qualifications?

by Milosh Puchovsky, PE, FSFPE
Professor of Practice
Department of Fire Protection Engineering


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New DHS Award on Firefighter Safety

This research will address needs to understand, quantify and address fire performance challenges of green or sustainable buildings as they impact firefighter safety. Read More

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