Humanities & Arts

Encouraging Creativity and Expression that Inspires Success

While WPI is well known for its first-rate engineering, science, and business degree programs, our emphasis on humanities and arts within the curriculum takes students beyond the technical.

The innovative, integrated Humanities & Arts Requirement allows WPI students to embrace art, theatre, music, and other forms of creative expression, as well as explore themes of complexity, diversity, and the richness of human experience by examining art/architecture, history, languages, literature, philosophy, or religion. This requirement’s goal: To build well-rounded, globally aware graduates with superior analytical thinking skills and a handle on the ambiguous problems that will characterize their future careers.

The skills and talents acquired here can inspire personal and professional success, and will help WPI graduates make the world a better place--for everyone.

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A Broader View of the World

Charlie Mezak ’09, a humanities and arts major with a concentration in environmental studies, combined his technical knowledge, interest in environmental history, love of nature, and overseas project experience to found his own company.