Planning Your Course Sequence

To prepare for your Inquiry Seminar or Practicum, think about what areas of Humanities and Arts interest you most. The breadth requirement gives you an opportunity to explore new topics or delve deeper into existing interests. You can use it to determine how you want to pursue the depth component of the HUA Requirement.

Once you have identified the discipline or theme you want as your depth area, you then will need to take at least three courses in that area of depth, with at least one course at the 2000-level or higher (3000-level is recommended). You will take the Seminar or Practicum as the last course in the HUA Requirement.

A good way to figure out the best course selection for your interests is to talk with HUA faculty. In fact, we strongly suggest you check with the instructor teaching the Inquiry Seminar or Practicum that interests you, at least two terms before course schedules are released, to ensure adequate course preparation. Professors reserve the right to limit enrollment, which is usually capped at 12 students. The registration form can be found here (.pdf, 418 kb)Learn more…

When you plan, please be aware that the Seminar or Practicum cannot be taken in the same term as courses being used toward the HUA Requirement. Consult the schedule of Inquiry Seminars and Practicums (.pdf, 587 kb), which the HUA department updates yearly at the beginning of C-term, for the list of courses available the following academic year.