Conducting Innovative Research in Unexpected Places

At WPI, we recognize that research doesn’t always mean the pursuit of one correct answer. Instead it involves exploring the details and issues surrounding a question with an open mind while taking social, historical, and cultural context into account. The broad range of disciplines in the Humanities & Arts department at WPI necessitates an equally comprehensive array of facilities in which research may be conducted. Here, that means state-of-the-art music rooms, art studios, performance spaces, classrooms, and computer labs.

Learn more about a few of our cutting-edge facilities:

Digital Art Studio

The Digital Art Studio, located in Fuller Laboratories, is a modern art studio suitable for creating and editing digital art, as well as having ample space and lighting for the traditional arts.

The studio designed for conducting advanced research in digital media and interactive art contains a green screen, lights, cameras, a moveable projector, and several computers with the latest hardware and software. Learn more…

Fuller Laboratories 222

Fuller Laboratories 222 is a 27 seat laboratory with computers that are loaded with cutting-edge academic and multimedia software packages including Maya, 3D Studio Max, Zbrush, Unity 3D, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere, Reason, Pro Tools, and more.

The lab also contains scanners, digital drawing tablets, audio interfaces, and game controllers for each computer. Learn more…

Music Facilities

Daniels Hall
The music labs in Daniels Hall support creative and research activity in a variety of music- and sound-related applications including real-time virtual orchestra design and production techniques. The lab contains hardware and software for multi-track digital recording and editing, signal processing, algorithmic composition, sound synthesis, MIDI sequencing, music notation, and music programming.

Alden Memorial
Alden Memorial is the hub for the performing arts at WPI, consisting of performance halls, music rooms, and computer music labs. Activities surrounding music and theatre, both academic and extracurricular, take place daily at Alden Memorial.

The Great Hall is used for major productions in Music and Theatre. It is the venue for the VOX Musical Theatre performances as well as choral and instrumental performances. The Hall is sometimes used, in addition, for festive and gala campus functions. Spaulding Recital Hall, equipped with a piano, music stands, dedicated music chairs, and percussion instruments, serves as a rehearsal space for large instrumental ensembles and is also used as a recital hall for more intimate performances. The Perreault Chamber Rehearsal Room, and the Janet Earle Choral Rehearsal Room are used for small group rehearsals. Alden Memorial also contains the Knight Lecture Room, three practice rooms, computer music labs, and storage facilities. Available for practice are three Steinway grand pianos and a Manual Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ in the main Concert Hall. Learn more…

Theatre Facilities

Drama/Theatre Resource Library
The Department of Humanities & Arts Drama/Theatre Resource Library, housed in Salisbury Labs, contains publications, magazines, published scripts, and other information to assist students working on projects in Drama/Theatre.

Little Theatre
Made possible with a major gift from the George I. Alden Trust, this intimate, 99-seat black-box-style theatre is the university's first dedicated theatre facility. With its flexible layout and moveable seating, permanent lighting grid and sound system, control booth, greenroom/dressing room, and handicapped accessibility, the Little Theatre is well suited for a wide range of dramatic presentations. Learn more…

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