Frederick Bianchi    


virtual orchestras; interactivity

Donald Brown

communication systems; signal processing; probability; computationally efficient multiuser detection

Richard Campbell

acoustics; audio engineering

Fabio Carrera

urban technologies; information systems

David Cyganski

machine vision; automatic target recognition; image fusion; network computing; multimedia

John Delorey

media and technology; musical theater; vocal performance lab

Rich Falco

jazz improvization; recording technology

Joseph Farbrook

virtual installation art; game technology; video; sound; live performance hybrids

Lorraine Higgins

technology and organizational behaviors; communication and technology

Rob Krueger

urban sustainability

William Michalson

real time multiprocessor systems; performance optimization of highly parallel computer systems; audio engineering

Siamak Najafi

information technology; high-performance computing

Svetlana Nikitina

multi-media narrative; comparative literature; interdisciplinary pedagogy

Joshua Rosenstock

multimedia performance; interactive installation art; experimental electronic instrument design

David Samson

20th century art and architecture

John Sanbonmatsu

impact of new technologies; ethical issues; critiques of science and technology

Eunmi Shim

world music; jazz.


Douglas Weeks

contemporary music performance

Affiliated Faculty


Nathan Felde

Art Institute of Boston

visual communications systems.

Lee Fontanella

St. John Int. University of Research and Culture - Torino, Italy

photographic history

Paul Kozel

City College of New York

recording technology; audio; production

Karl Helmer

Harvard Medical School

Massachusetts General Hospital

brain research and music

Teresa Marrin Nakra

College of New Jersey

interactivity; interfaces; immersion

Dan Foley

acoustics; test and measurement

Marty Quinn

Design Rhythmics Sonification Research Lab

music composition; sonification

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