Focus Groups

Sustainable Urban Sound Design Group

The group is involved in both creative and research activity in the area of sonification – using non-musical data to create and control sound. A current interest of the group is in the development of sustainable sound-design systems that map environmental data into sound using innovative sonification algorithms.  

Human Bandwidth Group

The group is involved in the exploration of human performance limits and the boundaries of information processing. The objective of the group is to propose and apply innovative interface strategies that intend to increase human bandwidth and performance.  The field of study is particularly important in applications such as music performance and interactive gaming.

Virtual Orchestra Group

The group is involved in the research, development, and application of various technologies used in the simulation of acoustic instruments and ensembles.  Of particular interest is the development of interface technologies and sonic strategies such as physical modeling and reconstructive phrase modeling.  The group is actively involved in using Virtual Orchestra technology in live performance.

Acoustics Group

The group is involved in musical and architectural acoustics.  In addition, the group is actively involved in acoustical measurements and instrumentation with a focus on test and measurement systems used for production testing and research and development of electroacoustic products including loudspeakers, microphones, communication headsets, analog and digital telephones, cell phones, and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) phones.

Brain Research Group

The group is involved in developing theories of music performance, improvisation, and perception that rely on advanced brain imaging techniques.  Of particular interest to the group is the use of MRI technologies that are adaptable to natural music performance environments.



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