Create the Soundtrack to Your Life with a Concentration in Music

For every discipline at WPI, the advantage is in the practice. Humanities & Arts majors who choose a concentration in Music have unlimited opportunities to practice their craft, while being instructed by some of the most talented musicians, historians, and researchers in their field.

Here students can choose a concentration or minor in Music, and can take classes in music theory, history, and technology. Aspiring musicians or those who just enjoy music have the opportunity to complete a music-based project, and the chance to perform the best pieces from classical to jazz to pop as part of one of our many student ensembles that perform on campus and throughout the world. It would be hard to find a technological university with as many specialized performing groups for singers and instrumentalists as WPI.

Music, Nature, and Life in Balance

Music, Nature, and Life in Balance

Rhythm, harmony, and balance are concepts that apply equally well to music and the natural world. In her WPI career, Lily Clark managed to pursue her interests in both, and to keep her studies, her extracurricular activities, and her life in equilibrium.

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Music and Technology

WPI's commitment to the study of music is evidentthrough groundbreaking research and student projects in music technology.Faculty are working in musical robotics, assistive learning technologies,audioproduction, radio station programming, and more...

The Virtual Orchestra

The Virtual Orchestra

Professor Frederick Bianchi has developed the Virtual Orchestra, which is helping to revitalize opera and musical theatre by making orchestral music accessible to new venues. This technology has been used in more than 200,000 performances worldwide.

Inquiry Seminars

Find out what Inquiry Seminars or Practicums (.pdf, 413kb) will be added this academic year here.