International, Transfer and IMGD Students

International and transfer students, as well as those majoring in Interactive Media & Game Development (IMGD), have special considerations within the Humanities & Arts department.

International Students

Students whose native language is not English should ordinarily fulfill their HUA Requirement through studies conducted in English. Exceptions to this policy may be made by the Consultant for International Students (CIS), in the case of students who have had extensive educational experience in the English language, e.g., English-speaking secondary school. The actual sequence of courses should be determined with the advice of the CIS. Suggested approaches include the following:

  • Basic HUA program for international students. Students with a command of the English language not on the level of native English-speaking undergraduate students should begin their program by successfully completing ISE1811 Writing for Nonnative Speakers of English and ISE1812 Speech for Nonnative Speakers of English. For some students, ISE1813 American History for International Students may also be recommended. ISE1811 and ISE1812 belong to disciplinary area of language and literature, and ISE1813 is in the area of history. Completing two of these courses fulfills the breadth component of the HUA requirement.

    These courses are not by themselves an area of focus, but they provide the foundation for students to pursue additional courses and an Inquiry Seminar or Practicum in another area of focus. The final two courses and concluding project (Inquiry Seminar/Practicum) may be completed in any area of the department. Students beginning their HUA coursework with ISE courses are required to satisfy the depth and breadth components of the requirement.

  • Thematic requirement for international students. Students whose command of English is sufficient to begin work on the level of native English-speaking undergraduates should, with the advice of the CIS, select a first course in an area of their likely interest for the final Inquiry Seminar/Practicum. Students passing this first course should proceed through their regular HUA sequence, leading to a final Inquiry Seminar/Practicum with any department member.

    If students do not pass this first course and the instructor, in consultation with the CIS, determines that inadequate proficiency in English was a factor, such students should proceed though the basic HUA program for international students described above.

Transfer Students

Transfer credit in the HUA department at WPI is granted on a case-by-case basis. However, all transfer students who enter WPI having completed fewer than six HUA courses or their transfer credit equivalent must complete work in the HUA department. Learn more…

IMGD Majors

Interactive Media & Game Development (IMGD) artistic majors may double-count five of their HUA courses, if appropriate, toward their IMGD requirement. All students must take the Inquiry Seminar or Practicum.