Humanities & Arts Major

Enrich Your Life and Enhance Your Career with a Humanities & Arts Degree

In today’s global climate, the most successful people are those are who are able to combine their knowledge of innovative technologies with a humanistic approach to their chosen occupation. A major in Humanities & Arts (HUA) at WPI will impart the skills you need to succeed in business and in life. In the HUA department at WPI, we endeavor to educate technological humanists – people who have vital general professional skills, a strong technical background, and a broad cultural perspective.

As an HUA major you’ll have the opportunity to choose a concentration within a specific Humanities & Arts discipline. Concentrations include such diverse subject matter as art history, modern languages, philosophy, or science and technology. Whatever their specific area of concentration, Humanities & Arts majors gain an intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, and an openness to the diversity of human cultural achievements that augments their lives and improves their career possibilities.

Career Outlook

This educational experience gives students a distinct advantage in fields where solid knowledge of both science or technology and the humanities and arts is increasingly important - such as environmental studies, media technology, international affairs, or business. Graduates of the Humanities & Arts department have gone on to law, business, and medical schools, as well as to graduate programs in the discipline of their Humanities & Arts concentration. Others have pursued careers as writers, teachers, engineers, or scientists. Some have found work in the theatre as actors, technicians, or playwrights, or in music as composers or performers.