Luis Rovayo '15

The professors do a phenomenal job getting students prepared and ready to handle anything that gets thrown our way in a full-time job or internship setting.

— Luis Rovayo
Junior, Industrial Engineering
Business Minor
Auburn, ME

Why did you choose WPI?
I chose WPI because of the 7-week term system and the project-based curriculum. The WPI academic schedule allows me to take more classes and experience a deeper level of understanding in all of them. I also chose WPI because of the IQP and all of the global sites that it offered.

Why Did You Choose to Study Industrial Engineering?
I knew that I wanted to have a career that allowed me to interact with other people on an everyday basis. I also wanted to develop business skills that would complement my technical knowledge so Industrial Engineering was a good fit for me.

What has the coursework been like?
I've really enjoyed all of the classes that I've taken so far in the School of Business. My favorite thing about IE classes is that all of the students and professors are on the same page. We all want to do high quality work and the professors want to help us perform and achieve the best that we can be. Most of the classes involve teamwork through group projects and real-world applicability through case studies. The professors do a phenomenal job getting students prepared and ready to handle anything that gets thrown our way in a full-time job or internship setting.

What do you like best about WPI?
My favorite thing about WPI is the open and collaborative learning environment. Students like to work in teams and professors are easily accessible and always willing to help. If you ever have a problem or are struggling with anything, there are so many resources and people that you can go to for help.

Student Facts:

Name: Luis Rovayo
Major: Industrial Engineering
Minor: Business
Hometown: Auburn, ME
Favorite Activity: Going to and enjoying all the great amenities of the brand new sports and recreation center.
Favorite Hangouts: I love to hang out on the quad and throw the frisbee around when it is nice and warm outside. In D-term there are a lot of events and barbecues that happen on the quad, which is a great time to meet new people and get free food.
Favorite Place to Eat: Late night happy hour at the Sole Proprietor is the best. Low priced sushi makes this place a good option for a late night snack. My friends and I have kept the tradition of going to the Sole on the last night of every term to celebrate the end of finals week.
Favorite School Tradition: I really enjoy Homecoming week because of all the free food, games, and competitions between each team. This event brings our entire campus together and it is great to see all the alumni that come back to support their alma mater.
Career Aspirations: I want to be a part of an operations rotational program that will allow me to try out the different types of roles and opportunities available within Industrial Engineering. Then a few years down to the road I want to go for my MBA and hopefully move into a management type of position.
Extracurricular Activities

  • Institute of Industrial Engineers – Treasurer
  • Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity
  • Crimson Key Tour Guide
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • IFC Recruitment Leader
  • Trustee-Mentor Program
  • Club Tennis Team
Academic Achievements:
  • Robert Foisie Scholars
  • Charles O. Thompson Scholar
  • Dean’s List Honor Roll


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